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Diameter 32mm

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Athena Knob

£3.90 (incl. VAT)
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Monmouth Knob

From  £3.50 (incl. VAT)
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  • Athena Knob

    The Athena knob by French Furniture Fittings is a solid and robust, simple and timeless design.

    Available in Deep Antique Brass or Polished Chrome, this cabinet knob is beautiful in its simplicity.

    You may be interested to see the Athena Collection to see suggested handles that pair well with these cupboard and drawer knobs.

    It is advisable to select your knobs and handles all from the same brand as finishes may vary slightly across brands. Additionally, our collections offer you handles and knobs that were designed to go together. Often, they will have design characteristics and details that run through the various items within the collection.

    French Furniture Fittings is a family run, company based in Wiltshire, UK. We originally only supplied French, hand-made handles and knobs (hence the name). We have since branched out to include representation of British companies such as Crofts & Assinder and Heritage Brass. Our main criteria in choosing our selection are aesthetic beauty, quality manufacturing and good value – or more simply put, beautiful and durable products at a sensible price.

    Note, if this knob does not meet your requirements you can browse our full range of kitchen and furniture cabinet knobs here.

    £3.90 (incl. VAT) /3.9
  • Romeo Martini Collection Round Knob

    Round polished chrome knobs from our ‘Romeo Collection’. These knobs have a generous backplate (33mm diameter) which can be useful when swapping knobs where you may need to cover any unsightly markings left by previous knobs.  They are solid, heavy and robust – made to last.

    £3.90 (incl. VAT) /3.9
  • Monmouth Knob

    A firm favourite, the Monmouth family combines simple geometric shapes with warm edges, perfectly indulging the Shaker values.

    From the very beginning Crofts and Assinder has specialised in the design and manufacturer of extraordinary cabinet handles and luxury fittings. In their 140 year history they have had the privilege of dressing furniture at London’s Ritz and Waldorf hotels, the White House in Washington, Parliament House in Buenos Aires and ships of the Cunard and White Star Line.

    Established in 1875 George Crofts and Fredrick Assinder commenced trading as brass founders at the heart of British industry in Birmingham England. To this day, Crofts & Assinder has stood the test of time and still remains in the same hands of the families that created the company at the outset.

    From  £3.50 (incl. VAT) /3.50

Showing all 3 items